Holiday Tips for infants

Who want to travel with a small child, who must know a lot. It starts with the choiceof the means of transport, goes beyond the correct accommodation up to the appropriate stroller. And also Sun and mosquito repellent are an important issue. Andhow hot pampers actually abroad? On we found some useful tips has collected around travelling with baby and toddler.

Travelling was a topic here often in the form of one or the other, but now I want to present again together all information about traveling with child in an article, plus additional tips and information.

Transport like taxi or car rental

BTScheckinIf one wants to use public transport on the trip, it should be noted a lot. This starts with the taxi to the airport. If the child is still so small that it must be transported in a baby seat, it will be difficult. Taxis must namely provide no infant carriers and is expected by the parents that they bring their own. It wants to but not always with take that on holiday, with toddler is already enough luggage. So either a taxi with baby seat a few days before search, that must be ordered in any case, spontaneous thing going on there and also with reservation that is not easy, as you can read. Or store the bassinet unit at the airport can be, which is however expensive on longer trips.

Bergsteiger CapriAbroad, the problem remains, one will find very difficult a taxi in most countries, thathas a baby seat on board. Also, child seats are often in short supply. Often taxi drivers take just one baby on the lap, but if you want to risk it, everyone must decide forthemselves. In some countries, for example, in many States of the United States, this is simply not possible, because it is hard to find there only a taxi driver, carrying ababy shelled because he risked a high penalty. The same can apply to shuttle buses from the airport to the hotel. Therefore you should check the rules in advance on the Internet that best you ask in forums dealing with the target country and where itperhaps the or others are, which once had the same problem. As we have made holidays in Ukraine, we took ultimately wrapped in a trash bag infant carrier – there areairlines (Lufthansa, for example), where it is carried free of charge as bulky baggage. Otherwise, we would have very difficult from the airport to the hotel.
If one has booked a car on the spot, then it’s also considering value, take the own child seat, because often you can a seat while booking, but it costs extra per day. Onthe plane you can take may free him against. Many airlines offer special arrangements for families regarding additional luggage such as pram, travel cot or child seat.A small overview of what where allowed, offers Kidsaway.

Flying with baby

Keyword airplane: most airlines allow babies as passengers from the age of sevendays. Families must book with children under 2 years of age for your child an individual seat. However, the child is secured then belt on the lap of the parent with the loop and experts consider it to be dangerous. When you book a private course for thechild, then you must carry a car seat approved for the aircraft. An alternative is thecares harness *.
After booking, you should call the service hotline of the airline in any case and ask for a place in the number of children. That is the first row after the wall in larger aircraft and there is more leg room and it is possible that smaller babies (up to approx. 10 kg and 7o centimeters) to accommodate in a wall-mounted baby basket or baby Bassinnet. When online trying to reserve this number, then it looks frequently, as if itno longer goes. Many airlines block these places so that they can be booked only by families. The sooner that care, the better, because these places are of course limited and highly sought after. You can find more information about flying with a child this article on Mamaclever.
The Board of the child on board the aircraft, however, represents no big problem. You may take on board easily with baby or dummy bottles with water or an other drink as well as baby food jars. You should point out at the security check only that you did this and that show, then there’s really no problems with it. Partly the baby food iscontrolled separately, is held in the United States, for example, a paper about it. Therefore more time for security control with schedule.


Travelling with child seat

More and more parents traveling with their children around the world. At the latest when they rise at the airport in a taxi to the hotel or are planning a trip with a rental car, parents but are faced with an important question: How can they protect their children in the car? An answer to this question is not so easy, because not only the regulations on the use of child seats are different in every country in the world.
Your first step should be a look into the local traffic rules: backing up of travelling with children in a special child seat is mandatory at all?
On you will find a lot of useful information on these topics

Consider whether you should take an own child seat on journeys, also depends on the age of your children and the exact circumstances of your journey. Ask for safety reasons always before, up to which your children committed the body size and age are, to use a child seat – and also, you may use which it.
As a rule, the child seat, a car rental company provides you, will be not brand-new. The longer such a seat in use, the more its protective effect is: even if he was involved in any accident, the plastics, seat shells, straps and strap anchor comprise, over the years, by UV irradiation and temperature fluctuations and also correct use tire. You don’t know how the landlord outsources its seats and maintains, as customers.
If you have no other way to borrow, as a seat of the landlord then checks it before using carefully for damage. Tests of the ICBC (a Canadian insurance company) showed that child car seats are not usually damaged in minor accidents and also does not need to be replaced.

Checklist for used child safety seats:

Visible damage, discoloration or wear with the naked eye?
Close the buckles tight and not get caught?
Are the belts intact and equally well received in all places?
Is there an instruction manual for the seat?
Is the seat for children from the size and the weight of your child?
Fit the seat in the car?
Attached are the EU CE mark and ECE R-44/04 on the seat? The eight-digit registration number on the Orange ECE quality mark must start with 03 or 04, otherwise the seat is out of date.
Are the manufacturer, date of manufacture and the serial number of the seat on the seat?
If it borrows a booster seat, this “horn” on the page must have conducted the lap belt.
Some car rental companies offer car rental with integrated car seats. This is very practical, but still not ideal: the seat could not perfectly fit your child, especially if it is still small. In addition to the lack of setting integrated child seats often lack side impact protection.

Rescue workers also prefer it if they can raise children after a car accident along with her child seat from the car accident – so a secure transport to the hospital with injuries to the head or spine.

Own child seats – not necessarily the best solution

The most common mistakes in the use of child seats are quite simple: wrong mounting, loose fitting or loose to fasten of the child in the seat. Her largely avoids this error, if you used your own child seat on travel: you know (hopefully…), how to properly install it and you can be sure that he is perfectly adjusted to the size of your child. As you have certainly taken when purchasing it to take a model tested by Stiftung Warentest, or ADAC “good” or “very good”, its also goes up in this relationship “Check number”.
Other benefits of this alternative: your child seat for use in the aircraft is approved, you significantly the flight safety of your child in his own seat. Hitting two birds with one stone, but practical! And finally saves her money, lends a seat and need to buy one at the resort.

But a separate seat has on travel also its disadvantages: it is not always practical to lug around the seat on long trips with frequent change of means of transport; the forward-facing child safety seats manufactured in Europe are also rarely approved for use on the plane.